The “glamour” option features extremely sophisticated flower arrangements and decorations for the church or venue you have chosen for your ceremony and your home. With option of preliminary visit.

The glamour offer includes classic romantic arrangements either in greenery with roses and/or seasonal romantic/field flowers in the colours that best meet your taste based on the season of the wedding and the style of the venue.

This option also includes the use of more sophisticated flowers such as peonies, orchids, hydrangeas, amaryllis, with availability based on season. Plus, to achieve an exclusive setting, atmosphere-creating decorative materials will also be used, such as lanterns, baskets, vases, wooden bundles, bamboo, decorative balls, etc.

  • formal or cascade BRIDAL BOUQUET
  • groom’s BOUTONNIERE
  • FLORAL GARLAND for getaway car
    • impressive outdoor arrangement for Church doors with vases / stands
    • 2 arrangements on high altar
    • altar with horizontal or vertical arrangement or cascade
    • 2 arrangements on both sides of the altar (lectern or balustrade) horizontal or vertical
    • 26 pews – bowls with flower arrangements with option of romantic candle or 4 decorative arrangements in 4 strategic positions chosen along the aisle (generally entrance pew – midway – first pew, etc.)
    • Rental of linen for aisle pews in various finishes (knotted or Roman-style), white or coloured aisle runner at your discretion, linen cover for the bride and groom’s pew and covered kneeling benches for bride and groom and best man and bridesmaid (linen-covered kneeling benches for bride and groom and best man and bridesmaid)
  • NEWLYWEDS’ HOME 2 arrangements for the newlyweds’ home

(for the entrance or buffet table).

Option of vintage car rental (black Beetle with white interior, convertible) at a very, very, very interesting price.

GLAMOUR OPTION for €1,790.00